OUTRAGE - Written, Directed & Produced by Sandeep JL



Outrage First Look Poster 724x1024

An Action-Packed Thriller  (Coming in 2020)


OUTRAGE is an upcoming action-thriller that promises exciting action sequences, featuring martial arts and acrobatic stunts. This indie film directed by Sandeep JL is slated for a Spring 2020 release. Here is the first look movie poster along with some additional details of the storyline and cast.


Jeff Davis Actor

ADR Session with Jeff John Davis

Actor and Producer, known for 

Lethal Weapon (2016) and 
Station 19 (2018).





Written, Directed & Produced by Sandeep JL

Sandeep - IMDb

JF Davis as Mike, a retired army man whose daughter gets kidnapped by the biker gang
Chaz Taylor as Tug Boat, Right-hand man of the Hardcastle family and lead biker


Sandy Dutchak as Billy Hardcastle aka Blade. Elder son of William Hardcastle
Bryan Self as Max Hardcastle, younger son of William Hardcastle
Johnnie Owen as an ex-arms dealer
Sandeep JL as Victor
Larissa Dali as Amber

Cinematography: Ken Dinh
Production company: JL Films
Release Date: March 2020
Country: United States
Language: English



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