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The main object of this site is for you to explore the ever growing catalogue of music that we produce.On collaboration with artists performers in a single or album format or targeted to various projects such as film,advertisement, animation, remixes, the web... All material presented on this site is the property of a.m.p (Ascap) and the artists featured and is protected by copyright law. Enjoy the tracks !

Jean Marc Brissat.

Being a good producer is not just about cutting good tracks. It's about producing an artist! It's having the ability to create a sound around the artist's image and to create this image in collaboration with the artist. When the artist and the producer are on this same wavelength, there is no limit on the creative flow. The "one" and only focus is to make more music!  You then find yourself not just making tracks.

You are producing records.

Live it Up - Lo-Fi Sugar - 2013


2013 marks a new epoch for Lo-Fi Sugar as she moves forward with an EP of Dance Pop tracks. From a collaboration with songwriter Robin Carr on the catchy "Such a Disaster" track to a new rendition of the huge 1979 radio hit "Pop Muzik" by "M" aka British producer Robin Scott, the new EP is bound to make you boogie. Have a listen and don't forget to get your free download.

Written and performed by Heather Pollock and Jean Marc Brissat

Guitars by Cosmo Jones & Eddie Maldonado.

SPIN by Lo-Fi Sugar. 2010


"3 delicious POP tracks" A spin on traditional pop genres and their conventions, "Spin" is a composite of Fashion Cuts, Progressive Trance and Mainstream floor shakers with just enough touch of World Music to make this release the next great Globe Trotter. The songs are fused together by the vocal stylings of Heather Pollock and the musical flair of French producer Jean Marc Brissat.

For more info visit: Lo-Fi Sugar Official Site and watch the video teasers