KING CAKE: THE JOIE DE VIVRE - Written & Directed by Will Hess

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 ( The official story of the city of New Orleans and its three-hundred-year Mardi Gras celebration. )king cake a big easy story 2017 i movie poster

COMING SOON ON ALL STREAMING PLATFORM - The world knows the New Orleans Mardi Gras for the one-dimensional aspect of what the big conglomerated media display it to be. You'll journey back through time and see how Mardi Gras takes root in the Big Easy 156 years ago and blossoms to become known as the epicentre of the Carnival celebration in the new world.

  • Journey back in time and witness the rise of "America's Most Interesting City". On May 7, 1718, French explorer Bienville founded La Nouvelle-Orleans (New Orleans) in honor of the Duke of Orleans. Napoleon sold Louisiana to America via the Louisiana Purchase (1803). Since then, Mardi Gras has become synonymous with "The City That Care Forgot". Art mirrors life with tragedy and pain. New Orleans has known both, the Vieux Carre fire (1788), the Battle of New Orleans (1815), hurricane Katrina (2005). From this pain comes inspiration. The invention of Jazz in New Orleans is a reflection of the city's hardships. Fat Tuesday, a springtime celebration of life, the Romans knew as Saturnalia and the Greeks knew as Kronia. Humanities' need to celebrate life has brought millions to New Orleans to enjoy "the greatest free show on Earth"! New Orleans turns three hundred in 2018. Her tradition of creativity and love bind "The Crescent City" in a way one can only understand if you visit. To all whom have considered visiting "The Big Easy", from the French Quarter to Treme, from Algiers Point to the Garden District, Laissez les bons temps rouler (Let the good times roll)! New Orleans and her Mardi Gras await you!

— Will Hess



Featuring: Norman ReedusElijah WoodHenry WinklerJohn GoodmanJames GandolfiniAndy GarciaJohn C. ReillyLuke PerryJim BelushiCorbin BernsenTom Arnold

and more

John Schneider, Bryan Batt, Jay Thoma,s Randy Newman, James Carville, Richard Simmons, Terence Blanchard, Jake Carpenter, Allen Toussaint, Irma Thomas, Harry Connick Sr. Will Hess, Ivan Neville, Peter Hoffman, Sue Menino, Christian Brown, Maureen Spitler, Mark Laforet, Sam P. Scelfo Jr., Jason Marsalis, Kristin Danflous, Joe Valiente, Virginia Saussy, Dot Cooke, Staci Rosenberg, Clark Brennan, Paul Miller, Royce Osborn, Diane Brown, Sherrell Gorman, Robby Cangelosi, Steve Himmel, farb Lee Mullikin, Dave Melnick, Litt del Banister, Bob Brown, Brian Kern, Dan Kelly, William Showalter







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