SPIN by Lo-Fi Sugar. 2010


"3 delicious POP tracks" A spin on traditional pop genres and their conventions, "Spin" is a composite of Fashion Cuts, Progressive Trance and Mainstream floor shakers with just enough touch of World Music to make this release the next great Globe Trotter. The songs are fused together by the vocal stylings of Heather Pollock and the musical flair of French producer Jean Marc Brissat.

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"Money Pretty": Could very well be the next fashion runway anthem (and we encourage it!). It is indeed a sound-track for sex, drugs, and electro-rock'n'roll and is meant to make a Plain Jane feel like a full blown Fashionista. Look out  "GIRLS -WHO –ARE-BOYS,WHO LIKE BOYS TO BE GIRLS,WHO DO BOYS LIKE THEY'RE GIRLS,WHO DO GIRLS LIKE THEY'RE BOYS", this is your new track!

"Spin For you": The title track, features the vocals of West-African (Ghana) artist Queen Ella. This is most definitively a globe-trotting track and it brings with it a brand new flavor to the World Pop Music genre. It has an infectious tribal feel, a groovy french touch and even a bit of electro-rock-spice. The song will unite happy hipsters from every corner of the earth to a common ground: the dance floor!

"Change it Comes": This multi-faceted track turns traditional progressive trance on it's head. It's dramatic yet elevating. It's lyrics are positively charged, yet bitter sweet. It's anchored in a hard-hitting groove, yet soars with worldly vocal layers. It is the kind of track that makes one want to fight for a cause, any cause, just so long as it brings Change.



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