WORLD MASH "Collective" 2008



Saba Saba introduced me to the crew while they were touring the west coast. Right after a badass show at the ROXY. They came down to my studio wanting to lay down some flow. The only reason I should mention this is that as a music producer (and a sucker for a good time in the studio) I was served. Yeah: The only thing I can say about this lot is that when they invade your studio, it Isn't to waste any time, and If they come a little stronger than the usual, well God Damned, there's a freaking reason for it.







Okai Fleurimont." Regime Change"

Haiti, New York.


Benchoumy. "Negus World"

Haiti, New York.


Rah P. " The Lady Boss is Hungry For Success"

Tanzania, Dallas.


Saba Saba. Krazy Native, Bataka Squad ...

Uganda, Los Angeles


Joewell. " Negus World"

Paris(93), New York


Stupid! " Regime Change"

New York.



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